5 Things Every Business Should Be Doing to Prevent Pests


Your business environment can go a long way when it comes to influencing the success of your company. Put simply, business pest control protects your brand, saving you from the embarrassment of sharing your name with insects. With springtime just around the corner, you can expect previously dormant critters to spring to life, coming back with a vengeance to attack your home and offices in the coming warmer months.

If you suspect an infestation, it is important that you work with a licensed pest control company to keep your building safe and healthy. If your building is already pest-free, here are a few business pest control tips to help make sure it remains that way.

1. Eliminate standing water

Mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches will have a field day in any standing water around your property. In fact, mosquitoes breed in standing water. Therefore, this is an extremely important business pest control tip. Look around your property to find any standing water that could become a welcome environment for pests. Fill in potholes and remove anything that is collecting water.

2. Take care of your trash

Business pest control is far from complete until you properly take care of your trash. Your trash is an attractive dinner proposition for any insect pest. As a business pest control measure, your trash should have inner liners and self-closing lids. They should also be emptied regularly.

3. Check your dumpsters

Anything that finds its way to the nearby dumpster can smell the presence of more food and bliss right in the nearby buildings. Complete your business pest control routine by not only keeping your trash bins clean and empty but also ensuring that your dumpsters are consistently and frequently being emptied.

4. Take care with your landscaping

Proper landscaping can transform your office or storefront into an attractive, welcoming environment. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, it could also make your business more attractive to pests. Certain flowers and trees are known for their ability to draw in a variety of insect pests. It would be a poor business pest control practice to have these around, so work with your landscaper to choose the right plants to reduce pests. Be sure to also keep all shrubs neatly trimmed for best business pest control.

5. Clean drains regularly

Food waste and debris that goes down the drain does not just disappear. It creates a residual odor that calls out to pests. In turn, these pests find cracks in the windows or drain around the restroom, through which they gain entry. A good business pest control measure is to ensure that your janitorial team always keeps your drains and p-traps free of debris.

Proper business pest control practices can make your office building unattractive to pests, preventing a problem from starting. However, it can be easy for busy business owners and managers to overlook such measures. By partnering with a licensed pest control team, you can remain at peace, knowing that your “Not Welcome” sign is clearly read by would-be pests, and your business stays infestation-free.