5 Household Pests to Expect in Arkansas this Spring


After months of cooler temperatures, Arkansans are getting ready to head outside and bask in the warmth of the sun. But as we get ready for spring fever, insects and other pests do the same…by getting ready to visit our homes. While infestations can happen year-round, each time of year tends to bring different pests.

And some of these household pests particularly appear in the spring, just as we begin re-acquainting ourselves with the green world beyond our doors. Which of these unwelcome visitors can you expect this spring?

1. Termites

These household pests are big lovers of Arkansas, especially in warm weather. Many termite species swarms in the spring, leaving the nests they’ve built inside a home to get out into the open for the first time. You won’t always see a swarm if these household pests have infiltrated your home, but if you do see one, it’s a good indication that there’s an infestation in or near your home.

2. Rats

The eastern woodrat is an Arkansas native. These household pests can have as many as 3 birth cycles in a year, carrying up to 6 baby woodrats with each litter. Woodrats are known for their love of anything that glitters, giving them the nickname, “packrats,” so keep your jewelry and shiny pieces safe if you think you’ve been infested. More importantly, these household pests can carry diseases and pass them onto humans, so it’s important to address an infestation quickly.

3. Ants

The largest colony of ants ever found – in Japan – housed no fewer than 307 million ants; this colony of workers and queens occupied 45,000 nests over 670 acres. Yes, these household pests are super-organized, hardworking and incredibly difficult to eliminate. While you probably aren’t harboring this many ants, it’s a good idea to get on top of an ant problem before the colony expands.

4. Mosquitoes

Annoying as they might be, mosquitoes are a fact of life in Arkansas. These household pests reproduce in standing water and appear when the weather heats up. In Arkansas, mosquitos can carry the Zika virus, so it’s especially important to rid your yard of any standing water to prevent yourself and others from getting sick.

5. Spiders

Ready to welcome more than a few spring breakers? A single female spider that finds itself in a super comfy environment can lay as many as 3,000 eggs in a season or two. You might simply have a phobia for these household pests, or you might just hate having them around you. But not all spiders are harmful to humans. Expect to see more of them in spring.

You can work to prevent household pests from getting in by sealing up holes and cracks in your home, eliminating standing water from your yard, and decongesting wood and brush piles from your home. Should these tricky household pests find a way in, call your local pest control experts to tackle the problem.

Mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches will have a field day in any standing water around your property. In fact, mosquitoes breed in standing water. Therefore, this is an extremely important business pest control tip. Look around your property to find any standing water that could become a welcome environment for pests. Fill in potholes and remove anything that is collecting water.