Surprise A Loved One With Electrical Services!

Gift Giving

The Gift of…Electrical Services!

Looking for the best Mother or Father’s Day gift? You want to make it special or unique but life gets busy and you end up at the last minute settling for a traditional gift. Or your spouse is good at getting everything they need or want so they’re hard to give gifts to? Our electrical and handyman services are the perfect solution for your gift-giving needs!

Is there a new lighting fixture she’s been admiring? or perhaps she’s purchased some that have been sitting in a box in the garage for months? Hire McCauley services for an affordable and quick installation service and a guaranteed smile on her face! Has he hinted at a new sound system or maybe even smart home devices…like the ones where he can turn the lights on and off from his phone (and totally mess with you). Our electrical services can help with that too! He’ll be surprised and happy with a unique and thoughtful gift that he didn’t have to install himself!!!

We can also give you a gift card so that your friend or family member can choose which project they want to tackle and when. Regardless, we’re here to help you and yours enjoy your home inside and out through peace of mind and effective solutions!