6 DIY Options for Mosquito Control


Warm nights with cool breezes and sipping cocktails on the front porch; what’s not to love about summer nights? The answer? Mosquitos.

These pesky little insects can ruin your ability to enjoy the outdoors in the warmer months, so you should take some simple steps to reduce their prevalence in your life before they become unbearable.

Mosquito Traps

A mosquito trap is one of the safest and most effective mosquito control methods. These traps attract mosquitoes to them through a combination of carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture, and then the suck them into the trap using a vacuum or propeller. From there, some kind of sticky substance holds the mosquitos there until they perish. One or two of these near your home will start working immediately, but it may take a couple weeks to completely eliminate the population.

Larval Mosquito Control

If you want to stop mosquitos before they become a problem, you need to focus on larval mosquito control. Mosquito larvae breed in standing water, so having a pond, bird bath, or fountain in your yard can dramatically increase the mosquito population. There are briquettes available that you can place in your water fixtures to prevent mosquito larvae from growing there, and even doing just this can make a huge difference in how many mosquitos you encounter.

Citronella Candles

One of the easiest, cheapest, and most natural mosquito control techniques involves using citronella candles. Citronella works by covering up the scents that mosquitoes are most drawn to, so even if you are in the area, the mosquitos should leave you alone. This mosquito control method is not as effective as some of the others, but if you need a quick fix while you are working on a more permanent solution, this is it.

Air Curtains

An air curtain is essentially a fan that is specifically designed for mosquito control. Mosquitos prefer areas where the air is not constantly moving, so they will leave you alone if you are sitting in front of one of these (plus you can enjoy a cool breeze!). You can install an air curtain above your doorways to keep mosquitoes from entering the house or place them around your porch to keep them away from you while you are outside.

Mosquito Mists

If you have a serious mosquito problem, you may need to consider a more powerful mosquito control method, such as a mosquito mist. A mosquito misting system sprays a non-toxic insecticide in the air to kill mosquitos upon contact. The most common insecticide used is pyrethrin, which is made from chrysanthemums and is harmless to pets and humans. One downside associated with this method is that mosquitoes can evolve to become resistant to the insecticide, making them more difficult to kill in the future.