Bat Control: How to Get Bats Out of Your Home and Keep Them Out


If you have ever had a bat finds its way into your home, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to show it to the door.

Not only are bats a nuisance, but they are also carriers of disease, which can be harmful to you and your family. Here’s how to get bats out of your home and make sure they stay out:

Do a Thorough Inspection

If you discover that one or more bats are living in your home, you need to utilize some bat control techniques immediately to put a stop to it. Your first step should be performing a thorough inspection of your home to discern how the bats are entering the house. Without knowing where the bats are coming in, any attempts to expel them will be futile because they can return to your home quite easily.

Learn to Identify the Bat Species

Educating yourself on the various bat species will greatly help with bat control in the long run. Different species of bats have different hibernating and birthing seasons, so knowing which bats hibernate or birth when could help you identify which species has invaded your home. Additionally, if you know the species, you can look up the best bat control techniques for that species and have a much higher chance of success.

Do Not Attempt to Trap the Bats

One of the worst bat control mistakes you can make is trying to trap a bat if it enters your home. The vast majority of bat traps are ineffective and trying to trap one can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. A significantly more effective method of expelling a bat from your home is exclusion or letting it fly outside. You can do this by opening a door and pointing a fan in that direction.

Seal Your Home

Once you are certain that there are no more bats left in your home, you need to seal it so that no more bats can enter in the future. During your inspection, you should have identified any holes or gaps in the exterior of your home that the bats can use as an entryway. Then, either hire a professional bat control expert to seal those areas of the home or do your research and seal those areas yourself with sealant or bolts.

Clean Any Areas Where the Bats Lived

The last step should be eliminating any droppings or other residue left by the bats inside your home. Most of the time, bats seek refuge in the attic, so be sure to inspect and thoroughly clean every inch of that area of the home. Bat droppings can sometimes carry diseases, so you will want to get those droppings out of your house as soon as possible.