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Don't Let Mice And Rats Take Over

Rodents are a menace to Arkansas homes and businesses. Mice and rats can inhabit an infinite number of places and spaces. That's in both residential dwellings and commercial facilities. Once inside they don’t just take shelter.  Rodents will damage building materials and wiring (which can lead to fires). They inflict structural damage and contaminate items with their feces and urine. They are also a threat to the health and well being of people and pets.

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Because of their small size, any small opening is a potential entry point for mice and rats. small brown mouse in hot springs arThat makes it hard to keep these pests out. That is without the help of McCauley Services. We’ll develop a rodent control plan for your property. We eliminate mice and rats using a variety of methods including, but not limited to:

  • Glue traps

  • Snap traps

  • Tamper resistant trap stations

  • Other mechanical traps

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If you’ve discovered mouse droppings in your cupboards or drawers, have heard critters scurrying in the ceilings or have crossed paths with an uninvited rodent, contact McCauley Services. Rodent infestations can get out of hand rather fast without professional help. Simply placing a few traps around the building will not take care of a rodent problem. Our trained pest control professionals will complete an inspection to determine the severity of the problem. And based on the findings, they'll tailor a rodent control program for your home or business.

Whether you have one or several rodents in your structure, you can count on McCauley Services to protect what matters most. Contact us to get rid of mice and rats in Little Rock or elsewhere in Arkansas.


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