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Though flies have short lifespans these pests make the most out of their time. Fly infestations, for both homes and businesses, are bothersome and could be harmful. Flies are disease-carrying pests. They pick pathogens up while feeding on trash and decaying materials. Unfortunately they deposit said pathogens onto kitchen counters and other food preparation areas. Really anywhere they touch down could become contaminated. Flies can also drive away customers and tarnish a company’s brand. And honestly, they’re annoying.

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McCauley Services Offers Effective Fly Control Services 

McCauley Services offers comprehensive fly control to assist property owners fighting fly gray house fly in benton arkansasinfestations in Hot Springs and Little Rock as well as throughout Arkansas. Our trained pest professionals will:

  • Check your property.

  • Determine the source of the fly infestation.

  • Develop a fly treatment plan to control the current population.

  • Put in place a strong defense system to prevent future fly infestations.

To accomplish this task McCauley Services offers a variety of fly control techniques, including:

  • Liquid and granular exterior treatments

  • Mechanical devices to control flies that are entering your home or business

  • Exclusion measures to deter flies from entering

Whether they have infested your commercial facility or have taken over your backyard, we can help you get rid of flies today. Contact McCauley Services for relief from flies!


My technician was wonderful! I would definitely recommend your company to others. It is a breath of fresh air today not to feel used and abused when dealing with most businesses as a customer. All of the staff with whom I spoke displayed the best attitude and "human" approach. Please don't change.

Customer ,  Benton

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