How Can I Have a Mosquito-Free Home?

A close up shot of a mosquito on person's hand

How Can I Remove Mosquitos from My Property?

If you live on a mosquito-infested property, you know how difficult it is to find successful measures of mitigating them on your own. Even though mosquitoes can transmit deadly diseases, such as malaria, most people only experience painful mosquito bites' normal symptoms. These are both annoying and irritating.

Precautions are the only way to deal with a crisis of this nature. Although you should be on guard for mosquitoes when you are outdoors, your home should also be safe from the onslaught. The following are crucial precautions to take to protect your property from mosquitos.

Trim Your Grass

Mosquitoes often congregate near low-lying plants throughout the day because they are drawn to higher humidity levels, enabling them to survive hot days. As a result, your grass must be mowed and flat. Additionally, it would be even better if you grew mosquito repellent plants such as lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and basil.

Remove Standing Water

Stagnant water acts as a spawning area for mosquitos. Examine your gutters for water clogging and wash out any debris to ensure they don't have residual water. Ensure your garden and balcony has a dry floor and no water puddles. You should also frequently change the water in your pet’s bowl to ensure no stone is left unturned.

If you have standing water outside or inside your house, sprinkle a couple of used ground coffee on it. Coffee's strong odor and properties are considered to repel mosquitoes and other bugs such as bees and wasps.

Use Nets and Screens

If mosquitos are prone to finding their way inside of your home, consider using a net to cover your bed. Even when you have a net, the rest of your house would still be mosquito-infested; that's why you should consider adding high-quality mosquito screens on all of your external doors and windows. Check your screens and nets for tears and holes regularly. Remember to close all windows and doors before sundown.

Try Aromatherapy

Plug-in devices and mosquito coils can pollute indoor air and are potentially harmful. Try aromatherapy – this is where eucalyptus leaves are steadily warmed in a tea light. It is an effective and aromatic alternative. Also, you can even consider using a mosquito repellent pad (made of eucalyptus oil and citronella).

Mosquito Control in Arkansas

While you may achieve some level of success with the DIY methods above, you should contact McCauley Services pest control to professionally ward off mosquitoes. We have the experience and skills to eliminate mosquitoes at all points in their life cycle and are informed about the latest chemical safety practices.

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