Planning Your Honey-Do List


You’ve probably heard about honey-do lists, filled with tasks and chores of things that need to get done around the house. From big things to small, a honey-do (aka to-do) list is a great way to jot down and organize all the things you want to get done around your house to spruce it up and make it like new again. If you’ve never made one because you don’t know what to put on it, you’re not alone. Sometimes it seems easier to just get things handled as you remember them. We would argue, however, that the most effective and time-efficient way to get your chores done is to list them out all at once. It makes it easier for you to tackle them, so you can turn your attention to the fun stuff. 

We have some simple tips on how to plan your honey-do list so that no part of your home will go forgotten as you clean it up and fix it up!

Consider Seasonal Tasks

Planning out your honey-do list might be easier if you start thinking about what tasks would be seasonally relevant to put on it. For example, if it’s the middle of winter, you probably don’t need to worry about mowing the yard because the grass is going to be dead. If it’s summertime, shoveling snow probably won’t make sense to include on that list of yours. Here are some tasks that might make sense given the weather outside.

Winter/Cold Months

As you prep for cooler months, it is a good idea to make sure you plan to take care of things outside. Rake the leaves, bring plants outside that you don’t want to freeze, put the outdoor gear away (grills, toys, etc.). The point is, when it gets cold outside, you’re going to spend less time out there. If you take the time to get things picked up, fixed up and put away your belongings and your property will be in better condition for it come spring. 

 Summer/Warm Months

On the other hand, your honey-do list will look a little different if you’re including tasks to do in the warmer months. When it’s warm out, it is time to do things like mow the lawn, pull the weeds, clean windows, and spray for insects. It’s the time of year to get your patio ready for hanging out, your grass mowed to keep away pests, and to pull your grill out for evening cookouts!

Room to Room

Another way to go about planning your honey-do list is to take it room by room! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about what needs to get done around the house. Then, after you’ve listed everything out, you already have an organized list that will guide you when it is time to actually start getting tasks checked off!

Inside the Home

As you start planning out your honey-do list, start thinking about the main rooms of your home. Your kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms will all have different chores to do, but first, think about what you’ll need to do in all of them. List out each room and write out room-specific tasks first. This will help you compartmentalize and create an organized list to follow later on. 

Outside the Home

Don’t forget to keep in mind your home’s condition on the outside. Make it a point to check your roof for spots that could potentially lead to leaks. That shingle that blew off in last week’s storm? Add it to the list. Maybe there’s some grime built-up on your house that you’ve been meaning to power wash off! Now is the time to take a thorough inspection of your home’s condition, so you can plan accordingly. 

Got dogs? Clean up after them! Got a garden? Tend to it! We are constantly reminded of what needs to be picked up or cared about inside of our homes, so don’t forget to put some thought into taking care of what is on the outside, too. After all, pests and rodents are attracted to unkempt exteriors, which would include anything like trash bins left uncovered, piles of leaves, standing water, etc. Keep the exterior of your home as clean and clear as you can to decrease the likelihood of appealing to unwanted guests!

Specialized Tasks

Don’t forget to plan out tasks that might require special equipment or training to get done. When you are making your honey-do list, you can include an array of things-to-do, some of which you may feel more comfortable hiring a professional to help you get the job done. If you’ve got electrical work you need to get done, such as light installation or a faulty light switch, you should consider enlisting the help of a professional to make sure you’re not putting your safety at risk. 

Hopefully, by now you have an idea of how to start planning out your honey-do list, as well as the types of tasks you might want to include on it. If you have your list written out and ready to start tackling, feel free to give us a call at McCauley Services! From pest control to home inspections to electrical work, our handymen can do it all!

Mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches will have a field day in any standing water around your property. In fact, mosquitoes breed in standing water. Therefore, this is an extremely important business pest control tip. Look around your property to find any standing water that could become a welcome environment for pests. Fill in potholes and remove anything that is collecting water.