Bird Control: How to Keep Geese Away From Your Property


Geese are known for being destructive to your property and aggressive towards people, so you definitely want to keep them away from your home if geese are common in your area. Here are some simple ways to utilize bird control and repel geese in a humane way:

Do Not Feed the Geese

As with any animal that you do not want hanging around your home on a permanent basis, you should not feed any geese that come to your property. If the geese start to see your property as a stable source of food, it will be very difficult to get them to leave, even if you stop feeding them later. 

Remove Food Incentives

Even if you are not intentionally feeding the geese, you might be feeding them unintentionally. To prevent geese from eating scrap food on your property, be sure to tightly seal all trash can lids, clean up any food remnants after a barbecue, and do not leave dog or cat food dishes outside. 

Turn Off Aerator

Using the aerator on your water feature or pond is likely very relaxing and soothing to your family, but it can quickly become the opposite if it attracts a goose’s attention. The sights and sounds of splashing water draw in geese, so to keep the geese at bay, keep your aerator turned off.

Plant Physical Barriers

Another bird control method is to plant physical barriers on the edge of your yard. Dense shrubbery is nearly impossible for geese to get through, so this should be effective in keeping the geese away. As an added precaution, you can also fence off pools, spas, or water features to deny access to the geese. 

Install a Smart Sprinkler

Using a motion-activated sprinkler is one of the most aesthetically pleasing bird control methods because it does not involve physical barriers and allows you to use the aerator on your water features. This smart sprinkler harmlessly sprays geese with water as soon as they set foot in your yard. These sprinklers easily connect to garden hoses, and they have a large enough radius to protect most residential yards. 

Buy a Sight/Sound Deterrent

Geese are also repelled by sights and sounds, so purchasing a device with flashing LED lights and loud barking dog sounds is a very effective bird control technique. This type of device even has a day and night mode. During the day, both the lights and sounds come on, while at nighttime, only the lights come on to keep from disturbing the entire neighborhood.

Set Up Decoys

Using a decoy is a tried-and-true bird control technique (think scarecrows!). For geese, in particular, you should purchase a coyote decoy, as the coyote is a goose’s natural enemy. If a goose sees a coyote decoy on your property, they will see it as a threat and avoid your yard.

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