Be Your Own Handyman: Installing a New Mailbox


Hiring a handyman can be incredibly helpful for a number of household tasks, but there are some tasks you can complete yourself fairly easily if you want to save a little money or want to feel accomplished and independent. One task you can do yourself that will also boost your home’s curb appeal is installing a new mailbox:

Purchase a New Mailbox and Post

First, you need to decide if you want to replace the post, the box, or both. If you only want to replace the post, make sure it works with your current box and vice versa. Most standard boxes can be mounted on a 4×4 post, but some can be a little more complex (which might require a professional handyman). If you are unsure if your new box/post will match your current one, simply measure it and ask a worker at your hardware store where you are purchasing the new piece. 

Ensure the Mailbox is USPS Compliant

Before you install a new mailbox, you have to make sure that it is USPS compliant or your mail may not get delivered! USPS requirements state that the bottom of a mailbox must be 41-45 inches above the ground and mailbox posts should be 6-8 inches from the curb. If your home does not have a raised curb, call your local postmaster or handyman for guidance on how far to place it from the road.

Remove and Recycle the Old Mailbox

Use a shovel to dig around your mailbox post, and if your shovel blade hits concrete, dig a wider hole. If you find the dirt to be too solid, you can pour some warm water around the base to help soften it. Dig until you can wiggle the mailbox post and pull it out of the ground (use leverage if necessary). Then, be sure to recycle the old mailbox at your local recycling center. 

Anchor the New-Mailbox Post

To easily anchor the new mailbox post, insert the post in the hole and prop it up on all sides to make sure that it is level and will not shift after you pour new concrete. Then, pour concrete into the hole around the post. Leave the post propped up for a couple of hours until the concrete hardens and can support the post itself. 

Mount Mailbox to the Post

Once the concrete dries and the post is sturdy, your handyman would tell you it’s now time to mount the box to the post. Use mounting brackets to secure the box to the post and follow any directions from the mailbox manufacturer. After you have mounted the box, you can now personalize it! You are required to list your house number, but you can also include your full address and/or the last name if you choose. 

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