Wildlife Control: What If There Is a Snake in Your House


Most people report that they are afraid of snakes, but many of them do not know what to do if they discover a snake in their home. Finding any kind of pest in your home can be an unnerving experience, but keeping calm and knowing how to proceed can prevent this kind of event from becoming an emergency situation.

What to Do If You Find a Snake In Your House

1. Assess the Danger

Not all snakes are venomous, but before you attempt to remove the snake from the house yourself, you need to assess whether or not this snake in particular is venomous. Venomous snakes are characterized by slit-like eyes, large fangs, and fat bodies. If you can see the snake, you can take a photo of it and use Google Image Search to determine if the snake is venomous. If you cannot get a clear look at the snake, go ahead and call wildlife control because it is not worth the risk to investigate yourself.

2. Keep An Eye on the Snake

You do not want to get too close to the snake, but the last thing you want to do is let it out of your sight. Remove all children and pets from the area because any potential snake venom will have more effect on them and because children and pets can move unpredictably, which could startle the snake. Yet, you should continue to monitor the snake at a safe distance until you have determined your next course of action.

3. Remove the Snake OR Call Wildlife Control

If you have the right tools and you have determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that the snake is not venomous, you can attempt to remove the snake yourself instead of calling wildlife control. To do this, you have several options. If the snake is near a doorway, you can open the door and try to guide the snake towards the doorway with a broom. If this does not work, you will likely need to restrict the snake’s motion by covering it with a heavy blanket or laundry hamper. This will allow you to scoop up the snake and transport it outside, and it will also help the snake calm down by being in an enclosed space.

If the snake in your house is indeed venomous (or you suspect it is), you need to call wildlife control to safely remove it from your property. Wildlife control officers are skilled in removing snakes without exposing themselves to danger, so it is best to leave it to the experts.

How to Prevent More Snakes From Entering Your Home

This final step is also one of the most crucial. If one snake was able to enter your home, there is a much greater chance that another one could make its way inside in the future. So, you need to take some measures to prevent this. You need to seal any entrances to your basement that are more than a quarter-inch wide, and you also need to securely fasten any loose window or door frames. You should also cover any vents or drains that lead to your home with a screen to keep snakes (and all other pests!) out of your home.

Who to Call When You See a Snake

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