Mosquito Control and Prevention: How to Prepare For Warmer Weather


As warmer weather arrives, so do mosquitos and other backyard pests. The best thing you can do to keep mosquitos at bay all through summertime is to get a head start on your mosquito control. Here are some steps you can take right now to decrease the number of mosquitos you have to deal with this year:

Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, so your first goal needs to be to eliminate any and all standing water near your house. Even the smallest amount of standing water can provide the perfect place for these pests to procreate! To use this form of mosquito control, turn over or remove any containers that may collect water, put a cover on boats or tires, clear up any clogs in your downspouts, chlorinate your pool, adjust your eaves so they drain quickly, work out the creases on any tarps, and finally fill in many low-lying areas in your yard that could easily turn into puddles when it rains.

 Seal Entryways

As much as you do not want mosquitoes in your yard, you want them even less inside your home. These pests usually find a way in through gaps and cracks in the walls, broken screens and windows, and aging materials on the exterior of your home. For gaps and cracks that are smaller than ½ inch, you can use a weatherproof caulk, and for larger gaps, it is recommended to use an expandable foam sealant for optimal mosquito control. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, or even if you want to make sure you have sealed all of the gaps, don’t hesitate to call a mosquito control professional.

Consider Long-Term Solutions

There are some mosquito control solutions out there that are not effective and can actually harm other organisms in that ecosystem (like bug zappers and ultrasonic pest devices). Yet, you can employ some other mosquito control solutions that are both effective and not harmful to you or other animals. For example, you can try out mosquito traps, larval control, air curtains, misting systems, or mosquito nets. These solutions vary in cost but have been shown to be effective in keeping the mosquitoes away.

 Get Professional Mosquito Control

The sooner you have a pest control company spray your yard to prevent mosquitoes and other pests, the more effective it will be. And cheaper because prevention is always better than reaction! Your local mosquito control professional can use a spray that will not only kill adult