5 Summer Pest Control Tips


Summertime is many people’s favorite season, but unfortunately, it is pests’ favorite season too! In order to enjoy your summertime activities both inside your home and outside in your backyard, you should take some precautions to keep the pests at bay. Here are five basic tips to help you out:

Block Their Entryways

The first summer pest control step you should take is to block any potential entryways. This means checking screens for any holes, checking doors and windows for gaps, and repairing/replacing anything that is large enough for a bug to get through. It may take you a little time and money upfront to pest-proof the exterior of your home, but you will be grateful for it later!

Clean Your Kitchen

A dirty kitchen is a pest’s paradise. Sticky floors, crumbs left on the counter, and an overflowing trash bin provide food for ants and other pests, and as such, they will be attracted to it. Try to spot clean your kitchen and take out the trash every single day, wipe down the counters and sweep every couple of days, and do a deep clean every week (e.g. mopping, cleaning all the nooks and crannies). 

Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and it can be easier to miss than you might think. Water can collect near your HVAC unit, near spouts in your yard, and in toys that your children or pets may have left in the yard. Be sure to do a sweep of your yard at least once a week, and always be sure to do a thorough check after a rainstorm. 

Maintain Your Yard

Leaving your yard un-mowed or your shrubs un-trimmed makes it almost too easy for pests to get inside your home. One of the easiest summer pest control methods you can utilize is simply to keep your yard and landscaping in tip-top shape! Pests are not nearly as attracted to a well-kept yard, and therefore your home, so this is even more motivation to up your home’s curb appeal through consistent maintenance. 

Hire a Pest Control Service

Lastly, the most reliable summer pest control method you can utilize is hiring a pest control service, like McCauley services. We can come in for an inspection and pre-emptive treatment at the beginning of the summer, and it any other issues come up in the following months, feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to provide extermination services.

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