When to Call Wildlife Control


Wildlife thrives in the great outdoors, where each and every critter has a natural-born habitat to call home. For the most part, animal behaviors don’t cause us humans any problems, as long as they are in the wild, where they belong. However, issues will start to present themselves when animals find themselves taking up residency near our homes or businesses. 

When wildlife starts to get comfortable near or around your property, the stark contrast between animal and human behavior becomes evident. If you’ve ever come outside to find your trash ransacked and the contents all over the place, then you’ve probably had a raccoon or two cause some damage to your yard. Maybe you’ve opened your cabinet to find your bread bag torn into by a mouse you can’t seem to trap. Wildlife in or around your home isn’t just a minor inconvenience; left unattended, wildlife can cause serious damage and carry health risks to you and those around you. 

If you suspect wildlife in or around your property, this when you should take action and call wildlife control professionals.

When You See Signs of Damage

Probably the most obvious reason you should call wildlife control is when you see visible, evident damage to your property that looks like it came from an animal. In the past, we’ve had customers delay calling, in hopes that the damage was a result of one-time behavior. It’s understandable to hope for this as a best-case scenario, but more often than not, it doesn’t turn out to be the case.

If an animal begins to feel comfortable approaching your property, they will most likely make it a habit and establish a pattern. Take raccoons as an example; if they know that your garbage can is an easy food source, they will come back to it if they don’t feel threatened. Don’t brush off damage caused by wildlife, or your property will pay the price.

When You Hear Critters in Your Home

If you hear scuttling, scuffling, or scurrying in the walls of your home, then it’s time to call a wildlife removal expert. Removing wildlife by yourself is difficult enough as it is; it becomes even harder when they’re hiring in your walls, attic, or other enclosed spaces. Not only do you have to figure out a way to access those spaces, but you have to do so carefully. When animals are trapped, they will naturally feel threatened by your presence. Instead of risking your safety, call a wildlife removal specialist to handle this situation for you. 

Don’t ignore the sounds of wildlife coming from inside your home. You don’t want an animal to be your new roommate! Wildlife can cause damage, emit funky odors, carry diseases, create mold problems, and more. As cute as they can be from afar, they’re not like house pets.  

When You Can’t Remove the Animal(s) Yourself

If you’ve tried different methods to deter wildlife from coming near your property, but still notice signs of activity, then you should call wildlife control. Wildlife removal isn’t always as easy as sealing up a point of entry. Sometimes, we physically have to remove a dangerous or pesky animal, then prevent them from coming back. 

If you’re experiencing issues called by wildlife, don’t stress yourself out about it. Our wildlife control experts at McCauley can step in to remove the problem safely and humanely. We can determine the source of entry, the best method of prevention, and make sure your property is a safe environment for you and others to be in. Give us a call today!