Why Fly Control Is Vital To A Food-Related Business

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Have you ever watched someone drop food on the floor, and then say, "Three-second rule," and pick it up and put it in their mouth? If so, we're here to tell you that no such rule exists. When you drop something on the floor, it is immediately contaminated. Can you imagine the same person dropping the top scoop of their ice cream onto a sandy beach, reaching down, and saying, "Three-second rule?" Of course not. Once that ice cream hits the sand, it's gone. There is no eating it. So, you can clearly see there is a tolerance level involved. While an individual may have no issues picking something up off the floor and eating it, there are some circumstances where they will not. This methodology can be applied to flies.

Some people have a very low tolerance for flies. Others have a high tolerance for them. But even people who have a high tolerance will have their tolerance challenged in certain circumstances. Can you imagine anyone being okay with a fly landing on a sticky donut or landing in a cup of pudding? Even if that fly is able to take off again, it is doubtful that the three-second rule will apply. Most people would not put up with this. And it is doubtful that any customer would frequent a business that always had flies. That is a good thing. Flies are dirty pests that spread harmful bacteria.

The financial impact of flies is far reaching. Flies can lead to bad reviews, a reduction in customers, low employee morale, employee absenteeism, issues with government inspectors, and more. All of these can hurt your bottom line. Fly control should be a part of every business' pest control plan, but especially for businesses that deal with food.

At McCauley Services, we offer comprehensive commercial pest control services that target a wide range of pests that threaten businesses. Whether you need a complete plan or just fly control, McCauley can help. Our fly control service includes a professional inspection, development of a fly treatment plan, and the installation of a strong defense system to prevent infestations. Through the use of liquid and granular exterior treatments, installation of mechanical traps, and the application of other industry-leading exclusion measures, you can be sure that your fly problem will be properly controlled.

To learn more about how flies and other dirty pests affect businesses, or to schedule service, reach out to us. The QualityPro-certified team here at McCauley looks forward to serving you.

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