What Makes Proactive Pest Control In AR A Better Option

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McCauley's home and business solutions take a proactive approach to pest control.

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In the past and even still today, many calls pest control companies receive are from property owners/managers who need help getting rid of an infestation that already exists. You know, wait for the problem to arise and then treat it. While treatment is still effective in combating this type of pest issue, the Arkansas pest control professionals here at McCauley Services believe in taking a proactive approach when it comes to protecting people and property against unwanted and potentially damaging insects and rodents. Simply put, instituting a proactive pest management program gives you the upper hand as opposed to reactive pest control that treats after an infestation occurs.

Incorporating Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques are an integral part of practicing proactive pest control and include:

Routine inspections
On-going monitoring
Exclusion (Pest proofing)
Treatments only when necessary

Proactive pest control is best accomplished when pest management professionals and property owners/managers are on the same page. In fact, there are a lot of ways home and business owners can help prevent pest infestations including sealing of any cracks, gaps or openings on the exterior of buildings and implementing a sanitation program that addresses spills, crumbs, trash storage and other housekeeping situations.

When a proactive approach to pest control is taken, often times little to no chemical is required. By correcting the conditions that attract pests in the first place, you reduce the chances of actually having to deal with infestations and thereby reduce or eliminate the need for chemical treatment. In some cases however, McCauley’s IPM specialists may apply a targeted treatment to address an issue. And when our team of AR pest control pros are on the case you can relax knowing you are in good hands. Extensively trained and licensed in Arkansas, our pest control technicians provide only safe applications of chemical that are just enough to keep pests at bay but also safe for the entire household.

So instead of waiting for the next rodent infestation, roach takeover, ant problem or other pest issue to arise, contact McCauley Services. We would love to share with you more information about our year round pest control services! At McCauley Services, we protect what matters most by offering home pest control in Little Rock, Fayetteville and throughout Arkansas as well as commercial pest control solutions. Contact us today to learn more!

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Excellent service. Very courteous and willing to take time to answer questions.

Customer,  Benton

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