What Are Termite Swarmers?

A pile of swarming termites in Arkansas

Witnessing a termite swarm can be unnerving; should you be worried?

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If you’ve ever been witness to a termite swarm, you know that this can be a sobering event, especially if it takes place inside your Arkansas home. You may only notice one or two insects at first, but then very quickly there are hundreds, flitting around your home in a frenzy. There may even be enough swarming termites to block out some of the light from your windows.  Witnessing an event like this can leave you feeling panicked and pretty well shaken up! At McCauley Services, we don’t want you to be alarmed. A termite swarm is just that- a swarm of reproductive termites. They cannot physically hurt you and they are not the termites that destroy wood, however it is a clear indication that a termite colony is nearby, maybe even inside your home.     

Termite swarmers, or reproductives, are newly hatched queen and king termites that have taken flight to find a mate. In the chaos of a termite swarm, two termites mate and then go off together to build a new colony.  During these mating events, they often lose their wings, which explains why after a termite swarm you may find hundreds of flimsy grayish silver wings left behind.  

Once a male termite swarmer has found his female, the two head off on their honeymoon. Well, not exactly, but that’s the idea. They are looking to create a new colony, so they will establish a home together, usually underground, where they themselves were born. If this happens inside your home, that means that there is a hole in your foundation or a gap in your exterior that is allowing these insects to enter.  It also means that your home is probably the food that has allowed these insects to thrive, possibly for quite awhile. If this is the case, then you could very easily have damaged timber in the structure of your home. 

If you should witness a termite swarm inside your home or near it, you should immediately have a termite inspection performed by a qualified Arkansas pest and termite control professional. The pest control professional can determine if you have a colony of termites living nearby and can offer solutions to treat the colony.  The technician can also help you identify any areas in your home that may have been damaged by termites, which will allow you to start the process of mending or replacing any damaged timber in your structure. 

For more information on the termite control services provided by McCauley Services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.  At McCauley Services, our AR pest control company offers pest control and termite control in Little Rock, Fayetteville and Benton as well as throughout Arkansas.  

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