Types of Ticks to Watch Out for This Fall

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Fall is one of the most treasured seasons in the Benton, Little Rock, and Hot Springs. Fall is the best time to spend time with the family on hikes, going apple picking, as well as playing and watching football.

You will be playing in the grass, working in the yard, and raking up leaves so the kids can jump in them. All the time you spend outside this fall season shouldn’t be ruined by dangerous pests like ticks.

These common ticks in Arkansas can damper your fall fun.

Black legged ticks /Deer ticks

  • Black legged ticks are also called deer ticks. When it comes to tick fear in the US, the deer tick or black legged ticks are the first that come to mind. These ticks are the ones that spread dangerous diseases to humans and animals. Don’t mistake these ticks for brown dog ticks.

  • The name deer tick comes from the host on which they feed, the white-tailed deer, but don’t be fooled by the name as rodents, mammals, and humans can all play hosts to the black legged tick.

  • The black legged deer tick can transmit Lyme disease to humans and animals.

  • The black legged tick has a flat body. The black legged tick has eight legs and measures about 3-5 mm when unfed. A nymph is about 1-2 mm long, and the larvae are only about 1 mm with 6 legs. A female tick can swell to 10 mm long and will be darker red in color after she has been feeding on a host.

  • The deer tick is orangish-brown in color but can turn red. The black legs are a distinct identifier.

American dog ticks

  • The American dog tick is also called the wood tick. You will see these ticks on animals that live inside or live on a farm. American dog ticks may be on livestock, domestic pets, and rodents that enter your property or your home.

  • The American dog tick has been linked to Colorado tick fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.

Ticks are dangerous. As soon as a tick embeds itself in your skin or your pets, you are at risk for infection. That is why it is important to get professional help. McCauley Services in Arkansas has a residential tick control program that will allow you to enjoy your backyard again this fall.

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I cannot think of how you could possibly improve. The technicians are always extremely professional and reassuring. You provide an extremely good service.

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