Tips To Avoid House Spiders This Summer

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There is just something about the spider that causes many people a lot of anxiety. Even the ones that either cannot or will not harm a human being can send your average person running from a room. This is the case quite often with the common house spider. The house spider is just a spider that is typically found in buildings. They live, hunt, breed, and lay eggs there. They spin their webs and wait for a stray fly, mosquito, or moth to find its way into it for their dinner. Really, they just ignore the humans that might be sharing their chosen habitat. But, that doesn’t mean that most of us want to be surprised by one crawling up the bedspread or hanging from the ceiling and leaving their webs all over the house.

If you are seeing more than the occasional house spider in your home there is a very good chance that there are many more that you are not seeing. One thing to remember about the house spider is that if you are seeing many of them, or at least evidence that they are there like the constant cobwebs around the house, they are there because there are other insects there for them to eat. House spiders will generally eat whatever they can catch in their webs. Flies, moths, mosquitoes, roaches, earwigs are just a few of the pests that the house spider will hunt if it wanders too close. This may make the house spider a friend to you on some level, but if there are many of them living inside the walls of the home, it indicates a serious infestation of spiders and perhaps another pest that can do serious harm to the home or health of those who live there.

If you have a spider infestation, you might also find them in odd places like inside a shoe or dark drawer surprising the spider just as much as you. When spiders and humans mix both feel threatened and the spider may bite in self-defense. It is generally not medically dangerous to get a bite from a house spider but it can be painful. If anyone in the house has an allergy to spider bites, it could be a serious condition and should be seen by a doctor immediately.

The best way to combat the problem of house spiders is to discourage them from finding their way in. Make sure that all of the windows in your home have screens that are in good repair. Make sure that any gaps around the windows are caulked and the window closes tightly. Take the time to make sure that the weather stripping around all of the entry doors is in good condition, if you can see daylight around the door, it is time to replace it. If you burn wood, be careful to inspect it before you bring it inside to make sure there are no spiders hiding there. You will want to do the same with any stored boxes from the garage.

If you are seeing too many spiders for your comfort, give McCauley Services a call. Our team will be on their way to not only help you remove the problem spiders, but to figure out what may be attracting them into the home in the first place. Before long, you will be back to not watching the corners of the room and just enjoying time with your family.

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