Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

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We all have been hearing the news lately about how bed bug populations are growing in number each year. This is probably due to the fact more people are traveling, and the accidental transportation of bed bugs to more places. No one wants a bed bug infestation or the stigma attached to experiencing one. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, and all of the travel involved, everyone will need to be aware of the possibility of bed bugs in many of the places and homes they are visiting. Bed bugs can hitch a ride on your shoes, coat, clothing, luggage and other personal items then disembark in a new location. They have even been found in theaters, libraries, restaurants, and the seats of all kinds of public transportation. More commonly, bed bugs are found in hotels, motels, and inns, and it doesn’t really matter if it is white glove clean or old dirty and run-down. Bed bugs just need a place where they can readily find a blood meal in order to reproduce and thrive. They are nocturnal parasites that are reddish-brown flat ovals, much like an apple seed with 6 legs. If you are traveling for Thanksgiving you want to make it a fun and relaxing time with your family and friends, but don’t let your guard down when it comes to bed bugs. Follow these few tips to avoid bed bugs this Thanksgiving.

You will want to start by doing some research on the places you will be staying, by looking for any reports of bed bugs in the recent past. Once your plans have been made and the time has come to pack your bags for your trip. Seal all of your clothes, shoes and other items in large plastic airtight bags before putting them in your suitcase. Pack a few extra bags for dirty laundry and other items you may return home with. While you are traveling try not to leave your suitcase or other bags on the ground, and check all seats and headrests on all public transportation that you use before sitting down.

Once you arrive at your hotel or other sleeping accommodations, inspect the room for signs of bed bugs before you unpack.

What to look for:

  • Live bed bugs

  • Dead bed bug carcasses

  • Shed skins

  • Fecal spots consisting of digested blood that is rusty colored

Where to look:

  • Mattresses, box springs, bed frames and headboards

  • Bedding, pillows, and linens

  • Floor around the bed

  • Behind wall hangings

  • In outlets and lighting fixtures

  • Inside nightstands and along baseboards

  • Behind curtains

  • All other furniture, especially in seams and creases

If you spot any of these signs, do not stay there, do not even unpack. Ask for a different room or make other arrangements. If it’s all clear, still be cautious and do not put your things inside the dressers or leave things on the floor. Use the luggage rack if they have one and hang up clothes if you need to. Believe it or not, a good place for your luggage is in the bathtub. If you wake up with a raised red itchy rash at any time during your stay, you may want to inspect the area again. When it’s time to go, you may want to make another inspection to be sure no pests have tried to smuggle their way into your things. Then inspect again once you arrive back home, and wash everything thoroughly, including shoes, coats, and luggage. And, if you’ve done all this and you still end up with a bed bug infestation, you will need the help of some professionals to eradicate bed bugs and be sure they do not return. If you have a home or business in Arkansas, McCauley Services has a pest control solution for you. Maybe we can't keep bed bugs from following you home, but once they're in, we'll help you get them out with proven methods and expert application. Give McCauley a call today to find out more about our bed bug treatment services.

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