Ticks In Arkansas - What You Need To Know

Deer Tick In Arkansas

Blacklegged ticks are known carriers of Lyme disease and they are found in Arkansas.

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Ticks in Arkansas and across the country become more active in the spring, which is why May has become Lyme Disease Awareness Month. There are certain types of ticks that are known to transmit Lyme disease to humans and with a large number of cases of Lyme disease reported every spring and summer across the entire country, now is the time to prepare your family and property to prevent tick bites and the spread of Lyme disease. The AR pest control professionals are here to answer a few of your questions about ticks in LIttle Rock, Fayetteville, and throughout Arkansas.

Are there ticks in Arkansas?

There are several different species of ticks found in Arkansas including lone star ticks, American dog ticks and blacklegged ticks that are also called deer ticks.

Are ticks dangerous?

Deer ticks are well known carriers of Lyme disease and the bite of these ticks can spread Lyme disease to humans and our pets if the tick has been infected. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that starts with flu like symptoms - headaches, fatigue and fever. But if Lyme disease goes untreated, say you did not know a tick bit you, the symptoms can become more serious including joint pain and swelling and even Bell’s palsy. So while not all ticks in Arkansas are dangerous, it is always best to avoid tick bites.

Tick prevention tips:

With the summer season quickly approaching, there are bound to be times when you family members and even pets are going to be outside in an area where ticks are present - woods, tall grass, heavy landscaping. Instead of trying to avoid the outdoors, here are a few tips to help prevent tick bites in the process.

  • Apply insect repellent containing DEET to help prevent ticks from latching onto your skin or clothing.

  • Wear light colored clothing so that you can more easily see a tick if it does latch onto you.

  • Try to cover your entire body with clothing even when it’s warm outside - pants and long sleeves are better compared to shorts and t-shirts when trying to avoid tick bites.

  • Always check your body for ticks once you come inside and try to take a shower right away.

  • Be sure that your pets stay up to date on their tick treatments from the veterinarian’s office.

If you would like to learn more about ticks in Arkansas including tick control for your home and property, please contact our Arkansas exterminators today! Our Prescribed Home Protection Program will help to control ticks and many other insects and rodents from invading your home and property throughout the entire year.

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