Little Rock Hotels Stay One Step Ahead of Bed Bugs

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McCauley Services offers tips for AR hotel managers to be prepared to handle bed bug problems

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With the approach of the holidays, hotels and travel hotspots in Little Rock and across the state and country are gearing up for a busy season of travelers. Although it is an exciting time of year, there is one thing that hotel management fears when there is an influx of travelers. We’re talking about bed bugs brought in by guests that can have a damaging impact on business.

Bed bugs in Little Rock are great hitchhikers which means they can easily latch onto clothing and luggage and then land right in their favored spot...a room with sleeping humans. Not only will bed bugs bite guests for a blood meal, once word gets out that you have an bed bug problem, these parasitic insects can quickly ruin your image and reputation in the hospitality industry. Unfortunately, not many people realize that bed bugs are not a sign of filth so many businesses with bed bugs are labeled as a place to avoid.

The good news is that you can protect your facility and thereby your reputation by taking steps now to get ahead of bed bugs, before they become an issue. In order for Little Rock hotels to prepare for the rush of the holidays it is important to create a bed bug response plan now (that is, if you don’t already have one in place). In addition to this response plan, here are some tips to that are designed to identify bed bug infestations early and help avoid a major problem:

  • Be sure that all maintenance and cleaning staff members are trained to identify the signs of bed bugs. They should always be on the lookout when they are in rooms for any live bugs, dark fecal spots on the sheets or mattress or small skin encasements, which are shed as bed bugs grow. 

  • During the regular cleaning of each room, there should be a thorough inspection of the mattress, headboard, nightstands, and upholstered furniture, behind mirrors and even near electrical outlets for bed bugs. In addition, a good vacuuming and washing of the sheets on the hottest temperature should help to kill any bed bugs that may be present. 

  • And perhaps most importantly, all hotels should maintain their commercial pest control services. 

McCauley Services offers bed bug control for Little Rock hotels, inns and other commercial lodgings as well as many types of businesses that must contend with bed bugs. Our services include inspections and identification of bed bugs, targeted bed bug treatments, and the installation of protective mattress encasements to prevent future bed bug infestations.

So before you are in the midst of the holiday rush, make sure that you are one step ahead of the bed bugs. By implementing preventative measures and continuous monitoring you will be protecting your guests and your own reputation. To learn more about McCauley’s commercial bed bug solutions for hotels and the hospitality industry, please contact us today!

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