How To Avoid Bed Bugs Over Spring Break

Hotel Room And Bed Bug

Don't bring home more than memories and souvenirs, protect yourself from bed bugs with these simple tips from McCauley Services!

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Spring break is one of the most anticipated vacation times for students, parents, and workers. It is a time to get away from the regular routine of school and work and have some fun. For many living in cold places, spring break also provides relief from the winter rut. But with all the travel that goes on between February and April, people need to be aware of how to prevent any bed bugs from coming home on their next vacation. Whether you are taking a plane or riding a bus for a long period of time, bed bugs love to hop onto clothing and luggage which can result in your home, apartment or dorm becoming infested. For a bed bug free spring break, the Arkansas pest control pros at McCauley Services have provided a few tips on how to avoid these pests. 

  • Before leaving on your vacation, pack your clothing in a large, seal-able bag and bring an extra for dirty clothes. By keeping your clothing sealed in bags, any bed bugs that happen to find their way onto or into your luggage won’t be able to hide in your clothing. Inspecting your luggage will be much easier without having to check each article of clothing.

  • When you get onto the plane, train or bus, check your surroundings for any signs of bed bug infestations. Anywhere travelers have been, bed bugs could be.

  • Once you arrive at your destination and especially if it’s a hotel, you are going to want to thoroughly inspect your room for any signs of bed bugs. Keep your luggage and any belongings outside of your room while you are inspecting. If your room is infested you will see:

-Dark spots that are a result of bed bugs feeding on human blood,

-Light brown colored skins that they shed as they grow, and

-Live bugs themselves, which adults are about the size of an apple seed

  • Use a flashlight when you are inspecting your room as bed bugs are a nighttime feeder, which means they are going to be hiding in dark spaces during the day. And don’t just check the mattress of the bed and call it good. Bed bugs could be anywhere in your room including the headboard, nightstands, under carpets, even in electrical outlets.

  • Inspect your luggage as well and keep it up off of the floor during your stay just to be safe.

  • Once you get home you will want to inspect your luggage and belongings again and then vacuum out your suitcases before storing them away. Also, wash all of your clothing immediately and use the hottest temperature available to the fabrics as this will kill off any eggs or bugs that may have made their way back to your home.

If you follow these tips you should be bed bug free on spring break. However if you arrive home with bed bugs in your luggage, contact the bed bug control experts in Arkansas.  Serving Benton, Conway and Little Rock as well as the entire state, McCauley Services is ready to answer all your bed bug questions and resolve your bed bug problem, no matter how severe.

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