House Flies Buzzing To A House Near You

House Flies In Little Rock, AR

House flies pose a threat to AR homeowners when they spread pathogens through the home.

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If you have noticed the extra buzz of flies in your home recently it is likely that flies have found their way into your living space. Most homeowners in Little Rock, Fayetteville and throughout Arkansas think that house flies are simply a nuisance pest and not of any concern. But the AR pest control specialists at McCauley Services would like to remind residents that house flies can prove more of a threat when they are buzzing around your kitchen and home. Here are a few of the dangers associated with house flies and also some tips to prevent them altogether.

House flies are most likely to inhabit homes that offer food and ideal breeding conditions. They prefer meats, fruits and vegetables in addition to the garbage or any other decaying materials. They will also lay their eggs on decaying materials so that when the larvae, aka maggots hatch, they will feed on the decaying matter. Not a pleasant thought, we know! And this is where the dangers of house flies set in. Flies are known to carry many different pathogens and because they fly and land around your food, kitchen counters and other areas of the home, house fly infestations can lead to illness.

The best way to avoid the dangers of flies spreading bacteria and pathogens through the home is by preventing them from getting inside in the first place. Here are a few fly prevention tips:

  • Replace any window screens that are broken or torn so flies cannot get inside.

  • Seal off any exterior entry points like cracks, holes, and utility openings.

  • Take the trash out of the home on a regular basis.

  • Keep trash stored in bins with tight closing lids both inside and even outside.

  • Keep all open food sources covered to prevent flies from spreading bacteria.

  • Disinfect food surfaces before and after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria.

If you are still finding that house flies are a problem in your home in Little Rock, Fayetteville, Hot Springs or elsewhere in Arkansas, please contact the AR exterminators at McCauley Services. We are here to help you get rid of flies as well as many other common household pests that can threaten you and your family this summer. Call us to learn more!

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