Holiday Pest Control Alert: Decorations Could Be Housing Pests

rat infesting christmas decorations

Watch out for these Arkansas pests while you unpack your Christmas decorations!

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It’s time to dig through the attic, garage or basement to find those boxes of holiday decorations! That’s right, now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, you can really get into the spirit of the season with holiday lights, decorations, parties and perhaps a Christmas tree. But not to be a Scrooge or Grinch in the midst of all the holiday cheer, we wanted to remind you that when you are unpacking your holiday decorations, it is important to take caution that you are not also unpacking a pest infestation.

While there are many pests that can be found in your boxes of decorations or hiding in the Christmas tree, there are few common pests that Arkansas homeowners should be on the lookout for.

Spiders - Most spiders are not going to cause harm but they do leave unsightly webs and tend to cause quite a scare if they suddenly appear in your box of decorations. Spiders will bite if they feel threatened and some species such as the black widow can leave venomous bites that require medical attention. Spiders could be hiding in your boxes of decorations or within the branches of your Christmas tree.

Silverfish - Mostly a nuisance pest, silverfish can infest your decorations and other personal belongings in large numbers. They seek out moist places, which makes your basement, attic or wherever you store your decorations a great place for silverfish to thrive. Thought they do not bite, they are hard to get rid of.

Mice - A more serious threat to your holiday season is an infestation of mice. These rodents have a constant need to gnaw and can easily damage your decorations and other personal belongings. Their droppings and urine will also contaminate surfaces and can spread bacteria and other harmful pathogens to you and your family. If they happen to gnaw on electrical equipment like your holiday lights, there is also a risk of a fire starting.

In order to prevent unpacking a pest infestation right in the middle of your home, it is best to bring your decorations outside where you can sort through the boxes and inspect for any pests or their damages. Discard broken or damaged decorations and if you happen to notice mouse droppings or any other concerning pest problems, then give us a shout at McCauley Services. Our Little Rock pest control team is ready to get rid of holiday pest problems so that you can enjoy your holiday season as it is meant to be - pest free!

McCauley Services provides home pest control in Little Rock, Fayetteville, and Hot Springs as well as throughout Arkansas. Contact us today to find out how we can help you enjoy a pest free home this holiday season and throughout the year!

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