Happy Valentine’s Day...Now Get Out!

Bed Bug in Little Rock AR

Pest infestations can really put a damper on your Valentine's Day plans in Arkansas.

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Don’t worry; we’re not talking about your spouse...even if they forgot the roses. We are talking about the bugs that may have snuck into the Valentine’s Day mix. With all of the treats, cards and love going around, you don’t want to risk a pest infestation in Arkansas ruining your special plans. With that in mind we’ve taken the liberty of identifying three annoying, stressful and potentially damaging pests we love to hate...especially on Valentine’s Day.

Ants - Beware, they may find your chocolates and candy hearts just as appetizing as you do. Ants are commonly found foraging through kitchens for food and while they are mainly considered just a nuisance (carpenter ant being the exception), it is hard to get rid of ants. Keep your chocolates covered and baked good sealed in airtight containers.

Bed Bugs - Another pest that you don’t want to deal with on Valentine’s Day (or any other day) are bed bugs. If you are going to visit a hotel or inn make sure that you do a thorough bed bug inspection first. Check the sheets, mattress, upholstered furniture, even near electrical outlets for any signs of bed bugs - small blood spots, the skins of bed bugs, live bed bugs themselves, or waking to itchy, red bumps on the skin. And if you splurged on a new outfit for your date tonight, make sure to check it over for bed bugs before wearing.

Termites - A pest that you really want to make sure you are not sharing your holiday with are termites. These wood destroying insects work silently behind the scenes, chewing and destroying the wood structures of the home. Show your home some love on this day by inquiring about the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System for 24/7 protection against termites.

For those residing in Arkansas including Little Rock, Fayetteville, Hot Springs and surrounding communities, if you have found any pests trying to intrude on your Valentine’s Day celebration, make sure to contact the AR pest control pros at McCauley Services. We understand just how threatening pests can be to your home and family which is why we are committed to getting rid of pests and helping to prevent their return. Call us today!

And from the entire team at McCauley Services, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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