Don't Let Bed Bugs Be Part Of Your Holidays

bed bug in a little rock hotel room

Follow these tips from the AR pest control experts to avoid bed bugs while traveling for the holidays

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Time to plan out the holiday season! With family and friends coming together from all over, there is surely going to be an increase in the number of travelers. And while there is so much excitement in the air, and memories to be made, let’s not forget the one tiny thing that can make a huge impact on your holiday season and not in a good way, bed bugs! That’s right, these tiny bloodsucking pests can quickly turn the holiday season from a joyful celebration into a stressful time.  

The good news is that bed bugs in Little Rock and throughout the U.S. are not known to transmit diseases or cause any harm but the bad news is that they do not show any mercy. They can latch onto clothing and luggage to get into your home, they multiply quickly, and they can migrate throughout the home. All of these factors create the perfect storm for a major bed bug infestation if they find their way inside. Read on to discover how the Little Rock pest control pros can help you get by bed bug free during the holidays.

  1. Check that your hotel of choice has not had a recent infestation by visiting Sorry, you probably won’t find your in laws home listed on here.

  2. Pack smart! Keep your clothing in large sealed bags so that even if bed bug finds their way inside your suitcase, they will not be able to hide or leave eggs on clothing. Oh, and don’t forget a flashlight. This comes in handy for room inspections and any unexpected winter storms!

  3. Before throwing the bags on the floor and kicking off the shoes, make sure that you thoroughly inspect your hotel room for any signs of bed bugs including bloodstains on the bedding, skin encasements and live bugs themselves.

  4. And by thorough we mean checking ALL over the room - the mattress, headboard, night stands, behind the mirrors, upholstered furniture and even in and around electrical outlets.

  5. As nice as it is to arrive home after days with the extended family, this does not mean that you are done with your duties in preventing bed bugs. It is important to wash all of your clothing right away to kill any eggs or hitchhiking bed bugs. Also, give your luggage a good vacuum before storing away.

  6. Last but not least, if you suspect that you may have brought bed bugs home with you for the holidays then be sure to alert the McCauley bed bug experts!

At McCauley Services we offer homes and businesses in Fayetteville, Little Rock, and throughout Arkansas safe and effective bed bug solutions. No matter how severe your bed bug problem may be, we will quickly return your property to normal - bed bug free! Please contact us today for more information.

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