Do You Have Mice In Little Rock?

nest of mice in a little rock attic

Do you know how to tell when you have a mouse infestation in your home?

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We recently discussed why mice are dangerous pests to have. If you need a refresher, refer back to our previous blog to see the long list of what these tiny rodents are capable of once they have gained access to your Little Rock home. In this edition we are going to take a closer look at how to tell if you have a mouse in your home.  

It is not always as easy as you think to catch mice in the act of destruction which is why the Little Rock pest control pros would like to share with you the most common signs of a mouse infestation.

  1. You can hear them running around at night. Mice are nighttime critters so they will likely wait for everyone to be fast asleep before they begin running through the walls, ceilings, or floors of the home. What’s with all the activity? They are probably searching for any crumbs left behind from dinner or some baked goods sitting on the counters.

  2. There are gnawing marks around the home. Mice have teeth that are always growing. In order to keep them filed down, they must continuously gnaw. You may find gnaw marks on structures of the home, food containers, and even on electrical equipment (which can create a fire hazard).

  3. Evidence of nests in attics or around the home. Mice need a comfortable place to sleep too! They build small nests out of scraps from around the property and house including twigs, fabrics, or other accessible items. Their nests are usually hidden away in places where they feel safe from human traffic.

  4. They have left small droppings. Perhaps the most common sign of a mouse infestation is their droppings that are left in cupboards and kitchen drawers as well as throughout the home. These droppings can contaminate surfaces and food.  

If you’ve noticed mice in your home or have come across any of the signs mentioned above, you should seek out a Little Rock pest control professional quickly to help get rid of mice and prevent them from coming back.  

For help in Little Rock, Fayetteville and elsewhere in Arkansas, please contact McCauley Services for an inspection and treatment plan. Our Prescribed Home Protection Plan takes care of mice and other household pests and is sure to be the ideal solution if you want to protect your family and home!

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