Bed Bugs Move Into Libraries...What’s Next?

Bed Bug In Library Book

With bed bug infestations moving into places like libraries, it is important to be proactive and avoid bed bug encounters.

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A trip to the local library has always been an enjoyable experience for kids and adults alike. But not only has the electronic world taken away from our traditional library time, it seems there is a another threat to libraries across the country. Bed bugs have been turning up in libraries and even worse, heading to homes of those who are checking out books.

Although this is probably alarming to most, for our team of AR pest control pros, it’s really nothing new. Anywhere people are, bed bugs can be. So while we won’t caution you to hide inside your Arkansas home (and please don’t), we want to give you some tips to help avoid encounters with bed bugs in libraries as well as in other public areas.

Keep a keen eye out for any signs of bed bugs. Before you sit in a seat at the local movie theater, check out a library book, or purchase used furniture, be sure to look for the common signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • Small, dark fecal spots left after feeding on human blood. 

  • Light brown, almost translucent colored skins which are shed as bed bugs grow. 

  • Live bugs themselves which as adults will resemble an apple seed.

When in doubt, purchase new instead of used items. We know that for some items like pieces of furniture, it can save a lot of money to purchase items that are used. But if you are not sure of the original source of the furniture in question, you may want to reconsider (especially with upholstered furniture like couches, chairs, etc.). Bed bugs can go an entire year without feeding which means once they have found harborage, they will stick around.

Wash clothing and check bags if you have been in a potentially infested area. Perhaps you just visited the library, hotel, or rode in a taxi, and then suddenly you are hearing about a recent bed bug infestation there. If this happens (and as a general rule of thumb), wash all clothing on the hottest temperature allowable by the fabrics and then dry for at least 20 minutes to kill off any live bed bugs or eggs. Also, inspect bags for any signs of bed bugs and wash them if possible.

As always, if you are worried that your home may be infested with bed bugs then please be sure to give us a call at McCauley Services. Our bed bug control team has seen it all when it comes to bed bug infestations in Little Rock, Fayetteville and surrounding Arkansas towns, and we are ready to help battle even the worst case scenario. The important thing is that you have the problem eradicated as quickly as possible. Contact our bed bug team today to learn more!

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