Arkansas Matters: Bedbugs on the Rise Keeping Arkansas Exterminators Busy

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Arkansas Matters
Josh Berry
March 11th, 2013

Exterminators in Central Arkansas have their hands full as they claim bedbug calls are on the rise.

Over the weekend KARK took you to one case in Hot Springs. We showed you the nasty bugs that one woman said were forcing her from her home.

Jennifer Golden showed us just how bad these bugs attacked; from the swollen red bites on her arms to the bugs in action inside her home. The hospital advised her to stay away from the home, but one pest company claims you don't need to move in fact that should be the last thing you turn to.

"We've been seeing a real rise in the bed bug population in Arkansas going on here lately," said Justin McCauley. "These are the best hitchhikers in the world."

Chief Operating Officer, McCauley, the Chief Operating Officer for McCauley Services says he's done treatments all the way from El Dorado to Jonesboro, including right back to Hot Springs and Golden's home.

That's where we found ourselves Saturday and despite the myth that you can't see bed bugs, they were there.

The bugs measure up to about the size of an apple seed.

Golden says she was forced to move because of the pesky pests.

Mccauley says moving is probably the worst thing they could do.

"Because what you want to do is you want to get all your stuff treated before you move out or you're just going to carry them from place to place."

Both the City of Hot Springs and the Garland County Health Unit say it's up to the renter or landlord to take care of the problem. However, we're told that can lead to what was left on the side of the road in Hot Springs: a bed set with the word bugs written on it.

Passerby's looked on in disgust at the mattresses that have sat on the curbside over the weekend.

McCauley though says this doesn't have to happen because mattress covers that they use in treatments can kill off the bugs.

"That way you get to save your mattress, takes care of the problem and you're not spreading the problem around."

While writing the word bugs on a mattress and setting it on the curb may get the point across, McCauley says it doesn't quite get the job done.

For more information about bed bugs and how you can attempt to get control, click here.

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