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Stinging insects, ants, and many other critters are busy in the spring. The promise of warmer weather and abundant food sources drive these pests right onto our properties and into our homes. While we may not see ants as much of a threat, we do need to watch out for fire ants and then of course all of the stinging insect species. The best way to avoid ants in the kitchen, stinging insect nests on your lawn, and painful stings is to prevent these pests from utilizing your home and property in the first place. Keeping stinging insects, ants and other spring pests out of your yard and home is not impossible. With just a few steps you can help limit your exposure to them.  Limit their food sources:

  • Keep all outside trash stored in a airtight containers,

  • Limit the time trash spends at your home

  • Keep a ‘clean’ yard-no remnants of food or wrappers

  • Do not feed pets outside-

  • Clean all food storage areas

  • Keep all food stored properly and in air-tight containers

  • Remove any food that has been sitting for several months

  • Immediately clean any remnants of food or crumbs inside and outside your home

Limit in-home entry:

  • Checking all doors and windows for cracks or holes and sealing them

  • Check all window and door screens for tears or openings and repair or replace as needed

  • Keep ventilation clean and unobstructed

  • Seal all cracks and holes in all exterior walls, especially on exposed basement walls

While not posing a direct threat to humans, termites can also be a very destructive force in Arkansas. Spring brings these pests out in full force also. Eastern subterranean termites are the most common termites in Arkansas. They feed off of cellulose found in leaf litter, dung, soil and wood. If you have any of these food sources in your home or yard, you are a target for termites. They can be very destructive to homes and structures. If you are seeing any signs of termites, make sure to contact an Arkansas pest control professional for a termite inspection! Spring is a time of renewal and new life. As the sun warms your home and yard and you start to feel the spring fever, make sure you don’t overlook preparing for spring pests. 

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