6 Tips To Packing Up After The Holidays

Christmas Ornaments in Storage

Take the time to properly pack your decorations now to avoid holiday pest problems next year.

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If you are reading this blog it means you’ve not only survived the end of the world (based on the Mayan calendar that is) on December 21 but you’ve also made it through the holiday. And, now that the gifts you carefully wrapped have been torn apart and family and friends have departed, you probably only have the clean up to tend to. Before you pack up your decorations and cart them off to storage however, the AR pest control pros at McCauley Services wanted to remind you that the proper re-packing of holiday decorations is key to making sure that pests do not get into and damage your holiday decorations while they are stored away.

Mice, spiders, silverfish and many other pests could find your box of decorations a perfect place to set up shop. While some pests are just considered a nuisance, others are more dangerous to your home and health. Mice for example are capable of spreading harmful pathogens and bacteria, damaging decorations from their constant need to gnaw and even provoking a fire hazard when they find electrical equipment (perhaps Christmas lights) to chew. So, to help avoid any holiday disasters next year, or just avoid pest infestations in general, here are some tips to repacking your holiday decorations.

  1. As you take down the ornaments and lights from the tree, make sure to inspect each one carefully for signs of pests like spider webs, gnaw marks, or maybe even live critters themselves.

  2. Place your delicate ornaments in a storage box designed to keep them safe. This will prevent any damage from pests while they are in storage.

  3. If you or your kids have made homemade decorations like popcorn and cranberry strings or any other edible décor, make sure that it is thrown away. While they hold great memories, food is certainly going to attract mice and other pests.

  4. If you use special holiday linens, make sure to send them through the wash before you pack them away. You want to make sure there no food remnants remain. After cleaning, seal them in a plastic bag to keep out moisture, mold and mildew.

  5. Place all of your decorations in plastic storage totes with tight closing lids. These totes are going to keep out bugs and rodents much better than old cardboard boxes and bags.

  6. Be sure to clean up food crumbs, organize the clutter, and vacuum around the house so as not to attract foraging insects and rodents.

Another way to ensure that your home and holiday decorations are safe from the threat of pests is to partner with McCauley Services for pest control services in Little Rock, and Fayetteville as well as elsewhere in Arkansas. Our Prescribed Home Protection Program is the key to keeping your home pest free through the busy holiday season and all year round. To learn more about McCauley’s pest control services and to get rid of holiday pests, please contact us today!

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