5 Fun Facts About Spiders

Black Widow Spider In Arkansas

Although there are a few dangerous spiders, most species are harmless despite their unsightly appearance.

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Ok, so maybe facts about spiders are not necessarily fun but there is certainly some interesting information out there! Spiders are a well-known and often well feared critter found in homes, businesses and properties throughout Arkansas and across the entire country. While most spiders are harmless, they are certainly not a critter you want hanging around.

Just to help you get better acquainted with spiders in Arkansas, the AR pest control pros at McCauley Services would like to share 5 fun facts about spiders.

  1. Many spiders make silk which is used to create spider webs where they can catch insects for food. 

  2. Spiders are not classified as an insect but rather an arachnid. 

  3. Spiders have 8 legs and most species have 4 sets of eyes. That’s a lot of extras! 

  4. Many spiders are harmless with the exception of a few species like the black widow and brown recluse spiders that have a venomous bite that could require medical attention. Death from spider bites is possible however very rare. 

  5. While tarantulas are one of the largest spiders and perhaps the most feared of all the species, they pose little to no threat to humans.

In Arkansas, there are many different species of spiders that can be found infesting homes, businesses or just spinning webs on the exterior of buildings. Along with many harmless species like common house spiders, black widows and brown recluse spiders are also found here.

It is important to be on the lookout for spiders especially when you are in more remote areas like the attic, basement or the back of the closet. These are all places where spiders could be hiding and while they are not usually aggressive by nature, the scare you alone could be enough to make them bite. Always shake out clothing, towels or shoes that have been tucked away for a while.

For more information on spider control in Little Rock, Fayetteville and elsewhere in Arkansas, please contact McCauley Services. Our pest control team is dedicated to finding and getting rid of spiders quickly and safely. Not only are spiders an unsightly addition to your home or business, no one wants to worry about spiders bites from more threatening arachnids. Be sure to call us today if you’ve detected a spider problem in you AR home or business.

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