4 Steps To Be Pest Free In The New Year

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By taking steps now to avoid pest infestations, you can enjoy a pest free year!

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It’s time to think outside of the box when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Healthy living is about more than implementing an exercise regiment and practicing healthy eating habits; it should also include the care of your home. After all, it’s the place you and your family spend the most time. A healthy home is a home that is clean, free of clutter AND pests! Yes, maintaining a pest free home in the New Year is a great resolution and here at McCauley Services, we happen to know a few things about this particular topic. In fact, our team of Little Rock pest control professionals would like to share with you 4 steps that will help you keep insects and rodents out of your home in the New Year.

1. Start Pest-proofing. To keep spiders, mice and other pests out, you must eliminate their access points. This means sealing any holes, gaps or openings on the home’s exterior. Gaps around doors and under windows, cracks in the foundation and even holes in the roof must be corrected if you want to keep pests out.

2. Clean the kitchen and the entire house. It is important to get rid of food sources that attract and allow mice, cockroaches, and other pests to thrive and multiply in your home. In addition to scrubbing the kitchen spotless, you should also attend to other rooms, including ones where lingering messes from the holidays may be present.

3. Organize closets and other storage areas. Storage areas are awesome because they are a catch all of sorts. Though you may believe that tossing the box of decorations in the closet is temporary, in many cases clutter piles up over the months and before you know it your belongings have accumulated to the point you may not even be able to walk in. Unfortunately closets, attics, garages and other storage areas attract pests. They love the clutter because it allows them to build nests and remain sheltered in a secure, warm environment. Organizing closets and other storage areas will definitely help combat pest problems. Remove piles of clutter, get rid of any belongings that you will not use again, and transfer stored items from cardboard boxes into durable plastic totes.

4. Sign up for year round pest control services. If you are not already enjoying the benefits of year round pest control services then now is time to get on board. McCauley’s Prescribed Home Protection Program is a great way to ensure that your home stays pest free no matter what the season or pest threat may be.

Not only will these steps help you to achieve a home that is free from unwanted pests but it will also feel much better. A clean home is more enjoyable and can help to increase your family’s productivity. So to jump start your New Year of health, make sure to spend some time getting your home into shape.

And, for more information on home pest control in Little Rock, Fayetteville and throughout Arkansas or to learn more about our other pest control services in Arkansas, simply contact us today!

From all of us at McCauley, have a happy and safe start to the New Year!

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