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Does Your Company Need Protection From Pigeons And Pest Birds?

More so than ever we must maintain an active defense from pigeons and other pest birds. Diseases associated with birds and bird droppings include histoplasmosis and salmonella. Besides disease birds may also introduce fleas, ticks, mites and other parasites. These intrusive pests also have the ability to create a great deal of property damage. This includes equipment damage that can increase the risk of fire. Pest birds have even caused slips and falls when their droppings mar surfaces like sidewalks. Taking all factors into consideration, it is clear businesses don’t need or want the headaches and risks associated with pest birds.

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It’s true. Pigeons and other pest birds are not a welcome addition to any commercial environment. At McCauley Services, we get this. That’s why we offer effective bird control that resolves infestations of pest birds, no matter how severe.

Our bird control services include aesthetically pleasing and effective tactics. We'll remove and prevent bird populations and the damages that bird debris, fecal matter and nesting can cause. Our expert bird removal strategies also eliminate the harm pest birds cause to public image for buildings that are overpopulated with nuisance birds. We combine bird netting and bird spikes to remove roosting appeal. We'll also put in place measures to deter pest birds from returning.

Contact McCauley Services today to learn more about our bird control services in Little Rock. Also serving Fayetteville, Hot Springs and all Arkansas, we're ready to take care of your pest bird problem.

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You make pest control easy for me.

Customer,  Benton

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