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Residential Bed Bug Services

Bed Bug Control For Homes In Hot Springs And All Of Arkansas

Bed Bugs In ArkansasJust as bed bugs are becoming a problem for hotels and other commercial facilities in Arkansas, they are also gaining ground as a residential pest problem. Homes in Hot Springs, Benton, Little Rock and throughout Arkansas are being invaded by these nighttime pests at a rapidly increasing rate. At McCauley Services, we realize that bed bug infestations are a serious pest issue that can impact a family’s sleep and overall health and that is why we are prepared to resolve bed bug problems in homes with our Arkansas bed bug control services.

Do You Have A Bed Bug Problem?

Bed bugs are commonly introduced into homes and other dwellings on luggage, infested furniture or clothing or even on a person who was recently exposed to a bed bug infestation. These tiny insects are reddish brown in color and are active mainly at night when they are searching for food. Their primary food source is human blood but they will feed on other warm-blooded animals.

Signs Of A Bed Bug Problem

  • Tiny red bites on skin

  • Red blood spots on bedding and mattresses

  • Tiny brown droppings and shed skins on or around bed frames, nightstands and other furniture

  • During the daytime these nighttime pests will often hide in furniture cracks or crevices, behind electrical outlets, between flooring and on personal belongings

McCauley Will Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Size Of Bed Bugs As It Compares To Grains Of RiceBed bugs are very evasive in nature making them a hard pest to detect. They have the ability to thoroughly infest a room before there are any signs of their presence. Just because you don’t see them does not mean that your home is free of bed bugs. At McCauley Services, we provide bed bug services in Arkansas that identify if bed bugs are present and then apply targeted treatments if necessary. Our Arkansas bed bug control for homes includes bed bug detection and removal so that you and your family can relax in a bed bug free environment.

 Our Residential Bed Bug Service Includes:

  • Bed Bug Inspection & Pest Identification

  • Targeted Bed Bug Treatment

  • ProtectaBed Mattress Encasements

At McCauley, we are committed to providing you with the most effective bed bug removal in Hot Springs, Benton and Bryant as well as elsewhere in Arkansas that are designed to get rid of bed bugs no matter how severe a bed bug infestation you may have. Contact McCauley Services today for complete relief from your bed bug worries or to see how we can help you protect your home and family from other household pests.