Rodent overview

Rodents have two incisors that grow continuously. They keep them short by constant chewing or gnawing. What this means is that when mice and rats enter homes and buildings they will cause damage. We get a lot of calls about these pests. That's because they are, to some degree, reliant on humans for their survival and invade our spaces.


My technician was wonderful! I would definitely recommend your company to others. It is a breath of fresh air today not to feel used and abused when dealing with most businesses as a customer. All of the staff with whom I spoke displayed the best attitude and "human" approach. Please don't change.

Customer ,  Benton

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Do I Have Bed Bugs In My Home?

February 5, 2016

It is easy to tell that you have bed bugs when you start getting multiple bites all over your body, and those bites are surrounded by a rash. But, at that point, it is too late. Fortunately, these bugs leave some signs before things go too far. We've…

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