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Pest Identification – Fire Ants

What Are Fire Ants?

On the rise in Hot Springs, Little Rock and across Arkansas, fire ants are small ants that are easily recognizable by their coppery-brown head and body with a darker colored abdomen. Worker fire ants can vary from 1/8th of an inch to 1/4th of an inch in length and generally have a life span of about 1 month. Their colonies are large and can consist of up to 500,000 ants. Fire ants are most notorious for their stinging behavior. They are an aggressive ant, unlike other small ants and attack, often by the hundreds, when their colony or food source is disturbed. A single fire ant can sting repeatedly, leaving their victim covered in painful, red welts.

Why Do I Have Them?

Fire ants typically nest under rocks, driveways, sidewalks or the base of trees as well as in the soil near moist areas, such as near lakes and rivers, in lawns that are frequently watered and along the shoulder of the highway; these nests may not always be visible. If there is no direct cover for the nest of a colony of fire ants, they will construct dome-shaped mounds of dirt that can be seen in open spaces such as fields or lawns. Generally these ants remain outdoors, but occasionally they will forage indoors looking for food especially during hot dry seasons.

Are They Dangerous?

Unlike the majority of ants in Arkansas, yes, fire ants can be dangerous. While many ants are capable of biting, fire ants are stinging ants that have a venom-injecting sting as well as mandibles (jaws). Fire ants generally attack in mass when someone, human or pet, inadvertently steps onto their ant mound. Their sting is painful, can cause a white pustule that will appear one day after the sting and can be fatal to small animals.

How Do I Get Rid Of Fire Ants?

Due to their nature, fire ants are extremely hard to get rid of. Eliminating the foraging ants that you see in or around your property is not an effective method of fire ant control. Elimination of the entire colony, including the queen is essential to successfully getting rid of fire ants. Contacting McCauley Services is the ideal way to get rid of fire ants. We offer highly effective ant control in Arkansas that is sure to eradicate the entire pest problem.

Can I Do It Myself?

Do-it-yourself sprays and treatments as well as home remedies such as gasoline or bleach are not effective in resolving fire ant problems and may contain ingredients or chemicals that are harmful to people and pets. McCauley Services’ pest control professionals are trained in identifying fire ant infestations, foraging trails and then locating the colony, which may be far away from your homes’ structure.

Is The Treatment Safe?

The health and safety of our customers, their families or employees is very important to us and that is why we use products and treatments that are EPA registered for pest control use. In addition, all of our pest control professionals are registered and licensed by the state or local jurisdictions where we provide service to ensure proper application.

How Soon Can You Get Here?

At McCauley Services, we make every effort to be with you as soon as possible. In most cases, we can respond on the same or very next day.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

The state of Arkansas offers a perfect environment for many different pests and species, which all require a different treatment and therefore a different price. Our contracts are customized to meet your needs and expectations so our prices reflect that. When you contact our office we can provide you a general price range and for many pests, we recommend a free inspection, where one of our representatives will thoroughly investigate your concerns, give you our recommendation for treatment and pricing information for the service.

How Do I Prevent This In The Future?

Pest problems can be difficult to prevent and that is why many of our clients choose to continue service with our Prescribed Home Protection Program to keep pests out of their home or our Prescribed Commercial Program for commercial facilities.