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Little Rock, Arkansas - 72201

Little Rock Pest Control And Exterminators

Since 1983, McCauley Services has been providing quality Arkansas pest control services to both residential and commercial properties throughout the state.  As a family owned and operated Arkansas pest control company, our goal over the past 25 years has been to provide personable, effective and outstanding pest management services.  At McCauley, our staff is always friendly and extremely knowledgeable about pests that are commonly found throughout Little Rock as well as our entire service area and are highly trained to ensure that you receive the best service in the industry.  Not only do we target household pests for homeowners with our Little Rock residential pest control, we also have many services for homes and businesses that get rid of bed bugs and spiders, including black widow spiders and rodents such as mice and rats as well as pest birds and wildlife.   

Keep Mice, Spiders And Other Pests Out Of Your Little Rock Home

We know that protecting your home and family from insects and rodents is important to you, which is why we developed our home pest control in Little Rock.  Our year round home pest control service begins with an initial inspection and service followed by exterior treatments each season. If pest problems occurs in your home between treatments, we’ll come back at no additional charge.  We incorporate Integrated Pest Management practices and techniques into our home pest control in order to reduce the unnecessary use of chemicals while protecting your home from a variety of pest problems, including:

Let us be your trusted Little Rock exterminators and we’ll keep you and your family safe from unwanted insects and rodents.  With McCauley Services, ants, mice, spiders, roaches and other common household pests don’t stand a chance.   

Little Rock Exterminators Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in Little Rock, Arkansas are becoming a real problem especially for properties that experience high occupancy turnover.  This includes:

  • Hotels and motels

  • Nursing homes and hospitals

  • College and university dorms

  • Public transportation

  • Apartment complexes

Because they are wonderful travelers, bed bugs are often found on luggage and even on people who’ve recently traveled.  Mainly active at night, bed bugs will come out to feed on people and remain hidden during the day in areas such as mattresses, bed frames and upholstered furniture.  Though they are small, they are visible to the naked eye and leave behind clues, including the appearance of brownish or reddish droppings left on mattresses and red itching spots on skin after they’ve fed, which are known as bed bug bites.  At McCauley Services, we target these biting insects with our Little Rock bed bug control for businesses such as multi-unit housing, hotels and other commercial establishments.  Our Little Rock bed bug control starts with a thorough inspection followed by targeted bed bug treatments.  We also use ProtectaBed mattress encasements to protect mattresses from bed bug infestations.  If you are concerned that your business may have a bed bug problem, we can help.  Our Little Rock bed bug control is the ideal solution for businesses in Little Rock plagued with bed bug issues.  Contact our Little Rock exterminators today for more information on bed bugs.

Little Rock Commercial Pest Control

Protecting your employees and customers from insects and rodents commonly found in commercial facilities as well as protecting the professional reputation of your company is very important to us at McCauley Services, which is why we offer highly effective commercial pest control in Little Rock, Benton and throughout Arkansas.  Our commercial pest control in Little Rock is designed to resolve all types of pest problems common to hotels, hospitals and other commercial facilities including cockroaches, flies and rodents such as mice and rats in Arkansas.  Because we believe in providing comprehensive pest control coverage while remaining sensitive to people and our environment, we incorporate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices into our Prescribed Commercial Program.  This service, which is ideal for any type of business or industry, includes an initial inspection, a customized pest program, implementation of IPM tactics, routine monitoring as well as interior and exterior treatments as needed.  We’ve helped a variety of Arkansas companies achieve and maintain pest free environments.  Our commercial pest control in Little Rock is designed to help:

  • Food Processing Facilities

  • Food Service

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Hospitality & Commercial Lodging

  • Multi-Family Housing

  • Office Buildings

  • Retail Environments

  • Schools & Other Educational Facilities

Let us develop a customized plan that addresses your company’s unique pest control needs and that complies with your industry’s regulations regarding pest management while remaining sensitive to your budgetary restrictions.  For commercial pest control  in Little Rock or elsewhere in Arkansas, McCauley Services is the smart choice.  

Termite Control And Exterminators In Little Rock AR

Termites are wood destroying insects capable of causing severe structural deficiencies as well as extensive damage in both residential dwellings and commercial establishments.  At McCauley Services, we understand how destructive these insects can be and that is why we offer Little Rock our residential termite services for homes and our commercial termite services for companies that are experiencing termite problems.  We work hard to detect, treat and destroy current infestations as well as prevent future termite activity using a variety of methods and treatments including Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination Systems and the most effective chemical available, Termidor.  Our Little Rock termite control is aimed at destroying termite populations that are residing on your property whether you are a home or business owner and designed to give you peace of mind and a property free of termites.  

Get Rid Of Raccoons And Other Wildlife Problems With McCauley Services

Wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks and feral cats tend to find their way into Arkansas homes and businesses and while they may seem relatively harmless, they’re not only capable of causing costly damage to your home or office, but may introduce fleas or other harmful parasites as well.  Our wildlife removal services are aimed at removing and preventing wildlife problems and are designed to keep both homes and businesses safe from nuisance and damaging wild animals.  If damage occurs in your home or business from wildlife or other pests, McCauley now offers handyman solutions that can help you pick up the pieces after the infestation has been removed.  And for the most comprehensive pest control available in Little Rock, we offer bird and bat control, fly control, mosquito control and rodent control for both home and business owners in Little Rock.  Find out how we can help you eliminate pest problems, no matter what type or how severe.  At McCauley Services we’ve been protecting what matters most since 1983 and are ready to be your trusted Little Rock pest control company.

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