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Commercial Bed Bug Services

Commercial Bed Bug Control For Arkansas

Throughout Arkansas, bed bugs are becoming a very real problem for businesses, especially those with frequent occupancy turnover.  These nighttime pests are infiltrating hotels, motels, hospitals, school dormitories and other commercial facilities at a rapidly increasing rate.  At McCauley Services, we realize that bed bug infestations are a serious pest issue that can negatively impact a company’s reputation and result in lowered profits and that is why we are prepared to handle infestations of bed bugs in commercial facilities and offer our commercial bed bug services in Benton, Little Rock and the entire state.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are tiny insects that typically enter a building on luggage, infested furniture or clothing or may even be hitching a ride on a person.  They are active mainly at night when they are searching for food.  Their primary food source is human blood, but they will feed on other warm-blooded animals.  Tiny red bites on skin are often a sign that bed bugs have visited.  Red blood spots on bedding and mattresses, tiny brown droppings and shed skins on bed frames and other furniture are also indications that bed bug activity is present.  During the daytime these nighttime pests often congregate in furniture cracks or crevices, behind electrical outlets, between flooring and on personal belongings.  

McCauley’s Commercial Bed Bug Removal For AR Businesses

Bed bugs are very evasive in nature making them hard to detect.  They have the ability to thoroughly infest a room or facility before activity is even noticed.  Just because you don’t see them does not mean that your business is free of bed bugs.  At McCauley Services, we provide bed bug protection services for businesses throughout Arkansas that identify if bed bugs are present in your facility and then create targeted treatments as necessary.  Our Arkansas commercial bed bug control includes bed bug detection and removal so that you can operate your business in a bed bug free environment.    

Our Commercial Bed Bug Service Includes:

  • Bed Bug Inspection & Pest Identification
  • Targeted Bed Bug Treatment
  • ProtectaBed Mattress Encasements

At McCauley’s, we are committed to providing you with the most effective commercial bed bug removal that will get rid of bed bugs.  You can trust that we’ll resolve your company’s problem, no matter how severe.

Let McCauley Services Keep Your Arkansas Business Free Of Bed Bugs

No matter what type of business you operate; whether you manage a nursing home or run a hotel, McCauley Services has the ideal bed bug solutions for your Arkansas business.  Don’t let these nuisance pests overtake your property or ruin your company’s image.  Contact McCauley Services for effective commercial bed bug control in Arkansas or see how we can help you protect your business from other insect and rodent problems.

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