Test Your Pest Knowledge With Bed Bug Trivia

Learn About Bed Bugs In AR

Bed bugs are tiny, blood sucking pests found in businesses and homes throughout Arkansas.

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Since bed bugs in Arkansas are still very much an issue for both home and business owners, we thought it would be a good idea to not only test your bed bug knowledge but also share some bed bug insight along the way. Bed bug trivia may not be so common at your local bar’s trivia night but the AR pest control team at McCauley Services has put together a few trivia questions about these biting insects.

  1. Name 3 areas in the home that bed bugs can live.

  2. Are bed bugs most active during the day or night?

  3. True or False? Bed bug bites do not spread disease to humans.

  4. True or False? Not everybody bit by a bed bug has a skin reaction.

  5. Name 2 signs of a bed bug infestation.


1. While most people jump to say that bed bugs live in our beds, the truth is, they actually spend most of their time hiding out in places like headboards, upholstered furniture, behind artwork, nightstands, under carpet, along baseboards, even inside electrical outlets.

2. Bed bugs spend their days in hiding and then once they detect your carbon dioxide while you’re sleeping at night, bed bugs will crawl out of hiding and onto your skin to get a blood meal.

3. True. Bed bug bites may be very itchy but they do not spread disease to humans.

4. True. Not everyone who is bitten by bed bugs shows a reaction. Some people are severely itchy and others would never know they were bit.

5. Signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • finding live bed bugs themselves which usually resemble an apple seed

  • finding small dark spots on the sheets of your bed which could be fecal matter or blood spots that bed bugs leave behind after a blood meal

  • light brown colored skins that bed bugs shed as they receive blood meals and become adults

  • waking up to itchy, red welts on the skin (aka bed bug bites)

Bonus Question: What do you do if you think that you have bed bugs in your home or business?

Answer: Call McCauley Services right away for bed bug control in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas!

At McCauley Services we provide bed bug control for both home and business owners in Little Rock, Fayetteville, Hot Springs and surrounding areas in Arkansas to not only get rid of bed bugs but help you prevent future bed bug infestations as well.

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