Prepare For Holiday Travel With A Bed Bug Response Plan

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Has your company established a bed bug response plan?

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With the holiday season almost upon us, many individuals, couples and families are booking flights, reserving hotel rooms and planning their trips. With that in mind, now is the ideal time for hotels, transportation companies and other businesses in the hospitality industry to make sure their bed bug response plans have been developed and are ready to be acted upon should a bed bug problem occur.  

A bed bug response plan should cover all bases of a potential bed bug infestation. Let’s face it, bed bugs continue to infest businesses in the hospitality industry and at alarming rates. There is no way to completely prevent bed bugs when there are travelers coming and going which is why your business should be prepared with the following components of a response plan.

Proper training - Employees should all be educated and well aware of the signs of bed bugs and they should be on alert to keep their eye for any evidence of bed bugs as business increases for the holidays.

Detailed response plan - A plan of action in case an employee does spot a bed bug problem so they know what step to take next to have the problem eradicated right away.

Quarantine process - Since infestations can spread easily, infested rooms should be properly blocked off to ensure that bed bugs do not migrate.

Confidentiality pledge - Employees should all sign a confidentiality pledge that they will follow proper protocol with the response plan to protect the business from litigation issues.

Building relationships - Do you have regular commercial pest control services? How about a lawyer who has dealt with bed bug litigations? You want to be sure that you are prepared with connections that will help you quickly and effectively deal with a bed bug infestation as well as any accompanying problems.

For more information on developing a strong bed bug response plan as well as information on commercial bed bug control in Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Fayetteville, AR as well as throughout the state, please contact us at McCauley Services. There is no reason that your busy holiday season should be plagued with bed bugs, so get prepared today to enjoy a bed bug free holiday!

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My technician was wonderful! I would definitely recommend your company to others. It is a breath of fresh air today not to feel used and abused when dealing with most businesses as a customer. All of the staff with whom I spoke displayed the best attitude and "human" approach. Please don't change.

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