Little Rock Pest Control Pros Recognize National Pest Management Month

April Calendar For National Pest Management Month

What are the conditions that attract pests in Arkansas?

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With spring pests showing their faces in homes across Arkansas, it’s a good thing that April is National Pest Management Month. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) designated April as the month to really help raise awareness about pest management including support for pest control professionals and also ways in which homeowners can help to prevent pest problems throughout the entire year. This year, we wanted to shake things up a bit at McCauley Services so instead of just giving you a list of pest prevention strategies, we decided to create a matching game.

Match each pest with the conditions that are most likely to attract them.


A. Ants

B. Termites

C. Stinging Insects

D. Mosquitoes

E. Wildlife


1. Food debris, baked goods, sugar spilled from coffee left on the kitchen counters.

2. Trash cans outside that are not securely closed or pet food sitting outside.

3. Leaving soda, juice or other sugary drinks open while outside for a picnic.

4. Not getting rid of moist, decaying wood like branches or sticks sitting on the lawn.

5. Stagnant water on the property like clogged gutters, buckets or toys sitting with water.


1 - A

2 - E

3 - C

4 - B

5 - D

If you would like to learn more about ways to protect your home in Little Rock, Hot Springs and Fayetteville from pests, please contact McCauley Services and ask about our Prescribed Home Protection Program. With quarterly treatments, you can trust that your Arkansas home will be protected not just this spring but throughout the entire year from the threat of common pests in our area. And in honor of this month being National Pest Management Month, don’t forget to spread word about the importance of pest management!

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