Is That A Flying Ant Or Termite?

Termite Swarm In Arkansas

Flying ants and termites may be similar but there are distinct differences.

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At first glance it is hard to tell what that flying insect is. If you have ever witnessed a swarm of flying ants or termites then you know just how chaotic the situation can be. There is little time to stop and determine which species is trying to take over in a massive swarm because at the moment you feel like they must be after you! When it comes to flying ants and termites, there are some key differences that may help you determine just what you are dealing with. The AR pest control pros serving Little Rock, Fayetteville and Hot Springs as well as the entire state would like to offer a few ways you can tell the difference between ants and termites when they are flying around.

First, it is good to have a little insight into both flying ants and termites. Flying ants are commonly found in the spring and summer months. Some colonies contain thousands of winged ants, which can be quite alarming when they attempt to swarm out of the colony and mate. After mating, ants usually shed their wings and in some cases reproductive males die after mating.

As for termites, colonies contain a group of reproductive winged termites often referred to as ‘swarmers’. When the ground has warmed up and the time is right (usually in the spring) the winged termites take flight in an attempt to find a mate and form a new colony. After a few minutes of sheer chaos, the swarmers lose their wings and everything calms down.

In the case of both flying ants and swarmers, although you are in no harm during a swarm, this is a sign that you have either an ant or termite colony on your property. This is where identification becomes key because many ant species, aside from carpenter ants, are simply a nuisance pest but termites on the other hand are capable of causing massive structural damage. So, what species is swarming near your home?

Flying Ants

Pinched abdomen

Unequal wing length

Bent antennae


Broad abdomen

Wings equal in length

Straight antennae

Although termite swarms have not yet begun in the area, they are sure to make their appearances soon as the spring season begins. So, if you are living in Fayetteville, Little Rock or elsewhere in our Arkansas service area, now is the time to contact McCauley Services for an inspection of your property. We’ll be able to tell you if you are in fact dealing with a wood destroying insect infestation or an ant problem in your home or on your property and how we can help if so. In addition to effective ant control in Arkansas and AR termite control that eliminates termites and prevents future termite activity, we also offer pest control services for other household pests. Please contact us today before ants and termites take flight!

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