Have You Spotted A Mouse Nest In Your Little Rock Home?

Mouse Nest in Arkansas Home

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With the winter weather on its way, many critters including mice are seeking food, water and shelter that will sustain them through the cold weather season. Mice can get inside of our homes through small cracks, holes or other openings on the exterior and once inside these pests will begin to multiply! Mice in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas are likely to build nests in the home which can make identification of a mouse infestation easier.

A mouse nest is made for the offspring and it is built out of materials from right inside your home. Things such as string, cloth, stuffing from mattresses and other furniture, food wrappers and any other fibrous materials they can access. The nest is built into a small ball and then the mice live inside. You can also identify a mouse nest when there are mouse droppings near or inside of the nest.

It is a good idea to inspect your home for nests as they are an indicator of an infestation that could cause problems for you and your family. Mice are a dangerous pest to have because of the bacteria and other harmful pathogens that are spread through contact as well as their droppings and urine. They can also damage building materials from their constant need to gnaw and result in a fire hazard when they gnaw on electrical equipment.

Since mice are considered commensal and thrive in human environments, they especially like to spend time in the kitchen where there are ample food sources. To help reduce the chances of a mouse infestation, it is always a good idea to eliminate their ability to access food in the kitchen. By cleaning up crumbs and spills right away and making sure all food is stored in airtight containers can reduce the risk of a mouse infestation and their accompanying mouse nests.

For more information on Little Rock pest control or Fayetteville pest control including services to get rid of mice, be sure to contact us at McCauley Services. Because of the nature of mice and their danger as a pest it is important to have the problem eradicated by a pest control professional rather than attempting to do it yourself. So if you find any mouse nests throughout your kitchen or home, give us a shout today!

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