Common Places to Find a Mouse Nest in the Home

Mice in Arkansas Home

Mice build their nests in many places inside your home.

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We recently discussed how a mouse nest is a telltale sign of a mouse infestation in Arkansas. These small balls made of materials from around the home are a way to protect the mouse and their offspring but it does not mean good things for homeowners. Mouse infestations are dangerous to have lurking in your home due to the many health risks from food contamination and rodent droppings and from the structural damages that these tiny rodents present. 

The sounds of mice scurrying through the walls at night could be the female foraging for materials to build a safe nest for her offspring. But with all the sounds of running mice, where can you find their nests? There are actually many different places in the home that a mouse nest may be located but your best bet in finding one is going to be near food and water supply in a location that is warm. Mice nests may be hidden: 

  • Behind the refrigerator

  • Under the stove

  • In the cabinets and drawers of the kitchen

  • In the food pantry

  • Inside furniture

  • In wall voids

  • In cluttered areas

  • In boxes in the attic or closets 

Mice are good at finding hiding places in order to protect their young. The problem with this is that by taking such good care of their young, mice infestations can quickly and easily get out of hand before you have even been able to locate or identify the problem. 

If you believe that mice are in your Little Rock, Fayetteville or surrounding Arkansas home then it is a good idea to contact us at McCauley Services to inspect the home and identify the source and location of the mouse nests. It is important to get rid of mice as quickly as possible because of problems that they cause for you, your family and your home. To learn more about McCauley’s pest control services to eradicate mice and other types of rodents, give us a shout today!

This blog was originally published on December 7, 2012, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating rodent problems.

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